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An Intro to Day Trading by "HorseloverFat" @Michigandolf

In this 30 video series, I explain to 3 students how I Day Trade. The discussions begin with the basics, covering the tools-of-the-trade and progress into trade execution strategies and advanced techniques.

With over 8 hours of video, you'll learn exactly how I approach the market intraday. In the videos, the content is centered around trading Index Futures, but the principles can also be applied to stocks and crypto.

Course Contents

In this course, there's an in-depth video for each of the following topics:


  • Depth of Market (DOM)

  • Order Types

  • Time and Sales

  • Volume by Price

  • Trend Days

  • Hard Tops & Hard Bottoms

  • Support and Resistance

  • Delta by Price

  • Moving Averages

  • Correlation Scaling (Advanced)

  • Situational Awareness

  • Common Mistakes by Traders

  • @Michigandolf's Trading Rules

  • Mindset and Mechanics

  • Live Trading Example

  • Bonus Videos: Opening Range Extensions

  • Bonus Video: Bear Market Impact on the Opening Range

  • Limit Order Book

  • Trade Entries

  • The 30 Minute Opening Range

  • Footprint Charts

  • Confluence

  • Trade Preparation

  • Relative Volume

  • Overnight Auctions & Pivots

  • Scalping Strategies for the Limit Order Book

  • Pulling and Stacking


Easy-to-Understand Strategies for Trade Entries and Risk Management

Easy to Adapt Trading

Principles and Philosophies


Student Testimonials


Working with Horse was a lot of fun. His approach is simple and clean. I definitely see the market differently now.


Horse is the GOAT! I learned so much and have been able to successfully apply the lessons to my trading. 


Horse helped me forge a path towards profitability by building confidence through competence in the fundamentals. Highly recommeneded!


Message from the Creator

Hey everyone! I'm really excited to be able to finally release these videos. Many months ago, I offered to teach a few struggling traders exactly how I day trade. I had no idea so many people would be interested! Since it's not possible for me to coach hundreds of people, I recorded my sessions with the students and those videos are now available for you to watch. So if you didn't get picked, you haven't missed anything, it's ALL in these videos!

Just a quick note before you purchase: Although these videos are an introduction to how I day trade, there's a lot of critical details (such as margin requirements, contract roll, etc.) that are not covered in this series. These videos are meant to be approachable for anyone, even if you're brand new to trading; however, please research the specifics of the products you're interested in before you trade anything!

I get a lot of questions about how I trade. The intention of these videos is to explain the strategies and thought-processes behind my entries and exits. There's no single "magic" strategy to win in the markets. My hope is that you can take bits and pieces of my strategy and incorporate it into your own trading style to develop a sustainable style that matches your personality and risk-tolerance. My style is not for everyone, but if you want to learn about how I trade you're in the right place.


Cheers and thanks for the support!

Horselover Fat

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