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Traderade Ideas: 2 stocks under $10

This will be the last Traderade Ideas for 2022 from me. Starting next year, we hope to make this a little more structured. Ideas keep coming up and I am just eager to get them out to you.

Right now, I'm looking at two companies that I find quite interesting and both are below $10 per share. With companies like these I like to take a small position and just hold them. These are more buy and hold type companies because the thesis is one of growth within their markets.

Both these companies have financial issues to sort out and need time to grow. Given that they both have quite a low cost per share, I'd be willing to take that risk.

Why these companies and not some other tech stock, which have been equally beaten down? Because these companies have actual products and I have a view that they will grow because they have solid strategies.

So the bottom line: both companies are high-risk investments but, have a path to profitability and success if they manage their strategy well.

We will cover one company today and one in the next article after the new year.

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