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About Us

Traderade is an online financial publication that was founded by three friends passionate about trading and investing

Our goal is to provide meaningful information to help other retail traders/investors navigate financial markets


Markets & Mayhem is an experienced trader and investor, cutting his teeth in the markets starting in 2005, learning to trade and then invest after doing some of his first trades during the dot com boom, which sparked a passion. Mayhem has experience analyzing flows, geopolitics, macro, systematic trading, and technicals. He also has a strong background in technology. His approach brings together multiple disciplines, identifying important market signals and turning points. He has been providing institutional consulting since 2013, focusing on trends, macro, and business analysis.


Known on Twitter as "HorseloverFat," Horse is a retail trader & investor. He utilizes Technical Analysis and order flow, primarily trading Futures intraday and swing trading stocks/ETFs. Horse is passionate about helping other retail traders on Twitter as well as continually learning from others.


Ayesha Tariq, CFA has over 18 years of experience in the financial markets analyzing companies & investments, providing corporate finance advisory and structuring deals.  She started her career in corporate banking at Standard Chartered Bank lending to multi-billion dollar enterprises. She later joined a family office as Head of Treasury and was in charge of their multi-asset portfolio of over $1 billion.  Ayesha focuses on macro, industry deep dives, and fundamental analysis of companies covering earnings seasons & company catalysts. She looks at investments on multiple time-frames from swing trades to long-term investments, with a top-down strategy and sector rotation.

Frequently Asked Questions
about @michigandolf


What I Trade

I primarily trade the ES Mini (ES), but will also trade NQ, RTY, GC, and Bonds (poorly).  I also swing trade stocks, as well as invest for the long-haul in a variety of sectors.  I also enjoy "off-beat" investments, such as modern art, vintage books, comic books, vinyl records, NFTs...basically anything collectable.

How I Trade

The vast majority of the content I post on Twitter is related to day trading index futures.  Most of these trades are closed by the end of the day, but my strategy allows for a scalp trade to turn into a swing trade if I happen to catch a local top/bottom.

I also occasionally post about stocks that I'm swing trading. The majority are momentum based trades, but I also like to buy/sell extremes from a Volume Profile perspective.

A large portion of my strategy also comes from swing trading SPY using a proprietary system based on volatility and activity in the SPY & SPX options market.

Tools of the Trade

I utilize a variety of market tools to day trade.  The one I get asked about most is this one from Bookmap Pro:


Check out their website if you're interested.

I also rely heavily on:

- Volume by Price (Volume Profiling)

- Delta by Price

- The 30min Opening Range (search for Michigandolf on TradingView for a free 30min OR Script)

- Support and Resistance Lines (Technical Analysis)

- Previous Day's Highs/Lows + Opening Price

- Session Pivots

- The toolset from OrderflowLabs

- SPX & SPY Options Flow/Positioning

- Fading awful FinTwit Furus


For trade execution, I use Sierra Chart (Denali + CQG), Tradovate, Thinkorswim, and Rithmic.

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