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Getting the Most out of Traderade

Updated: Jun 3

Hey friends! I wanted to share three ways that you can stay up-to-date with our content outside of email notifications.

We've heard that some people would prefer to get notifications through a mobile app, RSS reader, or through Discord, so we have made all three options available. Plus we have a primer on optimizing email notifications!

Using Spaces by Wix

We've heard a lot of requests about getting mobile app notifications, and we've come up with an easy, free solution!

Members can download the Spaces by Wix app (not to be confused with Twitter Spaces) to get started.

Our RSS Feed

For anyone that uses an RSS reader, we have an RSS feed available to keep up to date with our posts as they come out.

In order to access it, you will need an RSS application on your phone or computer.

  • Feedly for the best all-around free feed RSS reader

  • NewsBlur for filtering your RSS feeds

  • Inoreader for the best free reader with search and archiving

Through Discord Notifications

For our Traderade+ users on Discord, it's possible to enable notifications for our #traderade news channel, as seen in the image on the right.

In order to do that please change your notifications for the channel by right clicking on it, selecting the Notifications Settings menu, and then selecting "All Messages." That way you will be notified every time a new article is posted on the website through your Discord application.

This same setting can be used to toggle on (or off) notifications on any of the other channels on the server, so you can customize your experience as you see fit.

By Email Subscription

Visit your settings page and ensure that your Notification Settings are enabled for the Blog Subscription (see below).

As a side note, sometimes our emails may get marked as spam by aggressive filters. Check your junk or spam folder and be sure to whitelist emails from so that you can continue to receive our messages.

Learn More About Us

We provide a comprehensive overview of Traderade's services with this video. Consider it a tour of everything we have to offer.

In closing

We want to be sure your experience with us is a good one, and part of that is allowing flexibility in how you hear about our updates. This article should help, but if you have any questions please feel free to write us at or using the contact form on our website.

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