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Traderade+ Discord

Traderade+ members enjoy exclusive access to our Discord community, with real-time chat, news and market updates, specialized streams, and channels for every type of trader. Our team is focused on fundamentals, macro, and technical analysis over multiple time horizons, such as day trading and swing trading. We share our views and educational resources on stocks, futures, commodities, bonds, currencies, and more.


What is Discord?


Discord is a real-time chat, voice, and video application that allows the sharing of information and resources, collaboration, and much more. It is used by traders and gamers alike, and provides a robust and engaging experience that is well suited to the high frequency environment of day trading all the way through to the in-depth and detail-oriented areas of analysis such as fundamental and macro analysis. 

What is different about the Traderade+ Discord?

Our goal is to offer a fun, safe, and educational community for traders and investors of all skill levels to participate. Our team is focused on fundamentals, macro, and technical analysis over multiple time horizons, such as day trading, swing trading, and investing.


Through this approach we provide a complete micro-to-macro experience with greater depth, frequency of posts, and special event. Traderade+ members can expect to have exclusive regular updates from Ayesha, Mayhem, Horse on the areas of their expertise, including trade ideas, education, research, and analysis.


What is included with Traderade+ ?

Traderade+ includes access to our website, which includes our premium written and video content, as well as our Discord server, which includes the following: 

  • Feeds from Ayesha, Horse, and Mayhem’s trade ideas, analysis, research, and commentaries on macro, fundamental, and technical analysis

  • Chat rooms about trading, investing, fundamentals, macro, charting, and much more

  • An exclusive forum to discuss strategies, journal trading, and to network with others

  • Access to our customized Bookmap feed which is running whenever futures are open

  • Events and presentations about trading, investing, and education about the markets

  • Educational resources on bonds, commodities, equities, forex, futures, and more

  • Curated news feeds covering earnings, breaking news, and specific areas of the economy


The goal of Traderade+ is to expand on our existing Traderade plan with a higher frequency of postings, include shorter form analysis, research, educational resources, events, trade ideas, and more.


This will build-on our existing platform, and compliment the content we share there. We also hope to build a vibrant community that helps our members learn even more about markets, macro, and everything in-between, while promoting more real-time discussion and engagement.

The Traderade+ Discord and website are governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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