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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

As passionate retail traders and investors we’re combining our skillsets to launch what we believe will be the premiere destination for real-time market updates, educational materials, informative interviews, instructional videos, live-streaming, and in-depth articles, all created specifically for other enthusiastic traders and investors.

Navigating modern markets is challenging; doing it alone is nearly impossible. Our goal is to create a community for retail to learn & discuss continuously evolving markets and the latest-and-greatest in trading strategies. We are committed to helping you find your edge in the marketplace by providing thought-provoking analysis of modern trading and investing techniques, which are suitable for new and experienced retail participants, as well as regular market updates explained in terms we can all understand.

We strongly believe 2022 will be the “Year of the Trader” as market conditions are changing. With a plethora of constant news & advice from Wall Street, it’s often difficult to sort through the noise. Traderade aims to simplify markets and trading, creating an inclusive community by retail, for retail.

As a result of this partnership will become, and all existing TradeFat Members will be grandfathered in to the new Traderade Membership for the duration of 2022. Your early support allowed this partnership to be possible and we invite you to join us on this next leg of our journey!

All the best,

@Mayhem4Markets & @Michigandolf

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