Ayesha Tariq, CFA joins the Traderade family

Hey Traderade family! We have some very exciting news. Ayesha Tariq is joining Traderade!

You all may know Ayesha from the recent collaboration we did on China, our prior work on lithium investment opportunities, her excellent Twitter feed or Substack. She's a brilliant fundamental and macro analyst, investor, and trader.

One of the areas that Horse and I have wanted to focus on more here at Traderade is fundamental analysis, especially as we see that earnings, balance sheet health, and the changing economic environment are playing a very large role in how stocks are priced. We couldn't think of anyone more talented or fun to work with than Ayesha, so we asked, and much to our delight she's agreed to join us as a partner.

That means you can expect to see even more great content, in particular content on fundamental and macro analysis, as well as in-depth coverage of the earnings season that is about to kick off this Thursday with JP Morgan.

A little more about our new teammate:

Ayesha Tariq, CFA has over 18 years of experience in the financial markets analyzing companies & investments, providing corporate finance advisory and structuring deals.

She started her career in corporate banking at Standard Chartered Bank lending to multi-billion dollar enterprises. She later joined a family office as Head of Treasury and was in charge of their multi-asset portfolio of over $1 billion.

Ayesha focuses on macro, industry deep dives, and fundamental analysis of companies covering earnings seasons & catalysts. She looks at investments on multiple time-frames from swing trades to long-term investments, with a top-down strategy and sector rotation.

We feel that adding Ayesha to our team is going to allow us to become an even more comprehensive one-stop shop for retail traders, investors, and even professionals. We also are very excited because this is the first of three exciting developments to come. So stay tuned -- and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support!