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Nvidia and the AI bubble

Hey friends! It's time for another jam packed episode of Mayhem in the Markets! Grab your favorite beverage and tune in for an episode that covers what I have my eye on in the markets, the economy, and beyond!

00:00 Introduction

00:45 US credit card balances near record $1T

01:58 Fed Funds Futures - meeting probabilities

02:48 Stocks tend to fall further when EPS growth turns negative

03:49 Nvidia outperforms NASDAQ, big tech peers

05:38 Nvidia revenue trend

07:56 The AI bubble

10:39 US equities follow a 'no recession' path

11:39 Real S&P 500 returns since 1920 and length of drawdowns

12:28 The middle class is being hollowed out

13:45 Thank you


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