Exciting changes in the works at Traderade!

I want to thank everyone who has supported us, both past and present. It really means a lot that you've placed your trust in to this community that we're in the early stages of building. We have a vision. Horse and I want Traderade to be as useful and easy to use as possible. We want our members to gain the benefit of greater consistency in their trading and investing as a result of this platform. With that in mind, and hearing feedback from our many supporters out there, we are making some exciting changes to optimize the experience here.

First, we will be putting the majority of member-facing content directly in to the blog, to include our videos, interviews, trading ideas, and more. That way you'll automatically get a notification as soon as that content is available. It will also simplify navigation and provide a more content-rich experience. We've renamed this section to The Feed. Check it out!

Secondly, we've made many exciting and exclusive partnerships, including with Edge Clear, Bookmap, TrendSpider, Chatter Quant, and working on deals with Barchart and TradeWell. Current deals are available on our member deals page. Right now TrendSpider is offering 50% off until next Thursday so be sure to take advantage of this limited time offer if you like the platform! We feel that value of these deals can significantly offset the cost of your membership with us, if not make it essentially free.

Third, we're working on a new section to provide market news and data as well as other developments and research that are important. We want to increase the amount of helpful informational content here so that eventually we can be more of a 'one stop shop' for finding market-related information in an easily digestible format.

Fourth, we are going to start reaching out more directly to our users about some of the new features we are working on to ensure they are what you would want to see in our platform as it grows and evolves. We'll be asking for your feedback soon so please respond to the survey we send to your email address as we're excited to get your thoughts!

Finally, we'd love to see more of you all on our forum as we build out this community. While places like Twitter can be a bit corrosive, we're working on building an inclusive community that is focused on delivering a better experience for our members. One where there aren't trolls, spam bots, scammers, and counterproductive arguments. We're all for constructive debate, of course, and want to foster an environment where everyone can share ideas, insights, research, but not have to contend with the negativity and problematic experiences of public-facing social media.

In closing, we believe 2022 is the year of the trader, and that in a market that goes up, down, or sideways there are still opportunities to capitalize whether one is day trading, swing trading, or investing. We want to help you become more consistent traders and investors so that you can be better equipped for your journey toward financial independence.

Thank you all again for your support. We look forward to continuing to grow, improve, and provide the best experience possible for all of our members now and in the future.


Hey! Horse here, just wanted to add a couple thoughts in addition to Mayhem’s. Starting a new service is tough, and we’ve definitely learned a lot in the short time since we launched Traderade. I am personally excited about these changes because it marks a turning point in our strategic direction. For your awareness, one of Mayhem and my initial goals was to focus on strategic partnerships with other services that we use in order to offer you exclusive deals that would make Traderade essentially pay for itself. When we say “For retail, by retail” we mean it and made it our mission to get you access to deals from amazing services that could aid you in your trading journey. Your early support helped us launch and we wanted to give back to you as quickly as possible.

With several strategic partners on board now, it’s time to focus on delivering more value-adding content to you, which is why we’re streamlining the website and making that easier to do.

There’s one thing I’d like to take a moment to emphasize: We don’t want to be like other trading services. We want to teach people to fish and provide ideas, inspiration, and education. Most of the services out there are focused solely on market calls, spouting out random directional predictions with no thesis…we don’t see the value in that. Instead, we want to continue sharing what we’re looking at and WHY. We’re also excited about increasing activity in the Traderade Forum so that we can all learn from each other. If you haven’t checked out the Forum, please do—there’s incredible content posted there daily.

Our mission is to help people learn how to navigate the markets, exposing you to news, strategies, and techniques that will enable you to be a better trader/investor. I can’t thank you enough for your early support as we work to continuously improve the website and content we deliver.