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Market Prep: Week of 11/29/21

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Let me start by saying this is not an easy Market Prep to write. I've spent a lot of time this weekend trying to formulate my own thesis as to what is happening in the markets to develop a plan for myself. If you've done any reading this weekend, you'll probably notice that opinions are mixed (what's new, right?). So I'm going to save you the macro bullshit and stick to what I know best: Technical Analysis. I love that the markets are a never-ending game of 3D Chess...but that doesn't always mean I want to play the game. Sometimes, the best we can do it default to historical data/patterns and stick to our strategy...even if that means being wrong. So with that said, I will be looking to BTFD this week. I'm fully prepared to deal with the trolling if I'm wrong, and after you hear my reasonings I hope you'll understand that my plan is based on logical conclusions using data/info that is available to me as a retail trader. That's the best that I can do. So to keep this short, let's review what we know to be true based on information available to us this week:

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