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Market Prep: Week of January 17, 2022

Hey Traderade Family! Happy Sunday, I hope everyone's having a great weekend, and I hope you're looking forward to the extra day away from the markets tomorrow as much as I am. Ice Fishing season just started in my neck of the Michigan woods and I'm excited to put some protein in the freezer! This week's Index Futures Market Prep will be a little different, mainly because not much has changed since last Sunday. Despite the temper tantrums, the S&P500 finished relatively unchanged on the week, so many of my key trading levels from last week are still on my charts and will remain there. Not only do we have a shorted week ahead of us due to the holiday, it's also the first "big" options expiration (OpEx) week of 2022. I feel like a broken record lately saying "expect volatility ahead" but such is the state of the market right now. OpEx weeks naturally tend to be volatile (see past OpEx Market Prep blogs for reference & data), but add to that the recent whirlwind of Fed jawboning, a shortened week, and we the makings for another volatile week. What does this mean? Well for me it means I'm still trading smaller size and looking outside of the futures market for more uncorrelated equity catalysts for trades. That said, there's still likely to be some great futures trading this week. Let's start with the big picture:

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