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New features

Happy Wednesday, friends! I've got some cool new features we're working on that I want to share.

0DTE SPX gamma profile

First, we've added a 0DTE SPX gamma profile tool to the website. It is in its early iterations and more capabilities will be added in the near future.

The current routine takes all of the options trading to expire that same trading day on the SPX chains and calculates the key gamma levels for calls and puts.

These levels often correlate with key price areas to watch as magnets or support/resistance. Once I finish up all of the functionality for this new area of the members section I will document best practices for usage as well as provide several other views of noteworthy 0DTE activity.

Key options levels in Bookmap

SPX options play a big role in how ES trades, so I've added some key areas of options exposure to Bookmap on the Traderade+ Discord based off of the entire SPX options chain.

This feature is also in beta, and I will better document everything I've added soon as well as look at adding info specifically from 0DTE options trading levels as the next step.

Improved news

Our Discord #news channel now has a variety of curated news feeds to provide actionable coverage of events. We've also added news squawk in the #trading voice channel on the Discord that covers the market as there are developments throughout the trading day. In addition, there is a more basic version of this feature on our website here. I will continue to add to this feature as well.

Signals stream

The Traderade+ Discord now also has a Signals stream that shows unusual options activity, big moves in single stocks, and other actionable information refreshed throughout the trading day. With the latest updates to Discord, two streams can also be viewed simultaneously, meaning the Bookmap and Signals stream.

Looking forward

This is a very exciting time for us as a company as we strive to offer the best features and value possible to our members.

We have much more in the works for our website and Discord. We can't wait to share what's coming next!


Jun 29, 2023

Awesome news, thanks Mayhem! I much appreciate all these recent additions!

Unknown member
Jun 29, 2023
Replying to

You're most welcome, my friend. I'm glad you're enjoying them!

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