The Opening Range: Stats to help your trading

Recently, I've been really excited about seeing the Opening Range (OR) trading strategy get more attention in trading circles. If you've watched my "How I Day Trade" Video Series it's no surprise that I'm a big fan of the Opening Range. Sometimes people on the internet mistakenly refer to the OR as my strategy; for clarity, yes I use it and I'm vocal about it but I am certainly not the creator. The Opening Range is an old, tried & true pit trading strategy that was popularized by traders such as Mark Fisher in his book "The Logical Trader." Over the years, I've taken what I learned from people like Fisher and added my own twist and I think the OR Strategy stands the test of time, proving to be very potent to this day. It's not uncommon to see people on Twitter say things like "That strategy is ancient, does it still really work?" Recently, some of our Traderade members like @fernando have posted some really interesting statistics regarding the 30min OR Strategy, showing its enduring effectiveness, despite ever-changing markets. (Here's a link to one of many posts by the talented Fernando: ). In this article, I wanted to share some data collection that I've recently done regarding the OR that I think could further enhance the strategy. This data is not in my video series, so hopefully this is thought-provoking new information for those of you that use the 30min Opening Range. I specifically chose to look at recent data (Jan2021 - Present) to demonstrate the OR's relevancy in modern day trading. I'll start by stating the conclusion of the data-pull and then discuss what it means for trading the strategy. The 30min Opening Range: Holding the Highs and Lows

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