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The Turbulent Twenties: What's Happened and Where We're Going

I hope everyone has had a great holiday weekend! I wanted to share a video I recorded that looks back at what's happened and discusses where we may be going called The Turbulent Twenties.

00:00 Introduction

00:38 Inflation

01:26 An aggressive Fed

02:40 Central bank liquidity is being reduced

05:56 Margin debt

07:06 Financial conditions

09:24 Mega caps vs central bank balance sheets

10:33 Equal vs market cap-weighted S&P 500

11:02 Equal-weight S&P vs mega caps

13:29 Bubble stocks then vs now

18:22 E-mini S&P 500 futures liquidity

19:15 Punters paradise?

20:44 SPX gamma as we approach OpEx

Please feel free to leave your questions and feedback in the comments below!


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